My Hall Tree

I’m a shopper. It’s one of my releases. I like to hunt down the “perfect” something for my wardrobe or home or whatever it is. The Internet has done nothing but exaggerate my obsessions. There was the great boot hunt of 2009. And then the great boot hunt of 2010. I like boots.

There was the hall tree hunt this past spring, which led to my mother driving from Wisconsin to Tennessee with a very large box for a very short trip. But I have my hall tree. (Since you probably don’t know what a hall tree is, I’ve provided a picture.)

Over the past few years, I have searched for a new duvet and a storage headboard for my bedroom, curtains and pillows for the living room, pots and pans for the kitchen… basically, a new home without the house. Until now.

That’s right: I am now house hunting, and no amount of shopping could have prepared me for this. Usually, I seek for a while and then find something that fits the bill. The biggest purchase I’ve made thus far was my Jetta last fall. Shoes and duvets and curtains can be easily replaced. A house? A house needs to be, well, perfect.

Only that’s just it. In just the short time that I’ve been house shopping, I’ve come to the realization that not everything is perfect. Sometimes things are just right.

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