I’ve been sifting through old blogs, looking for pieces to include in my quest for freelance content writing gigs. I feel like a kid in a candy store. Well, maybe more like an antique candy store. The voice was so clear and the content so open. It all feels so bold to me now. Then again, this was back in the days before the general public considered “blog” as an actual word; before people could “google” each other. It’s so much easier to be candid and bold when you know you’re writing for only a handful of people.

There’s so much there, it’s amazing. Not to mention all of the posts/ideas I’ve started over the years but never finished. So, I’m going to do a little recycling. In the name of staying fresh, however, I think I’ll do a little reducing with my reusing. Plus, that will give me an excuse to flex my editing chops too.

All that to say, it’s nice to see you again and expect a few pieces here and there in the near future.