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You Shall Not Pass Nashville Snow Traffic

Don’t drive? More like, can’t drive. Stay home Nashville.
You’re welcome.

*Snow Road photo courtesy of mbboulay this morning in Nashville.
Photoshopping credits: Melissa Reinke @ Ink in Pink

Awkwardness is not your enemy, it is your liberty; the gateway between the fervent longing and absolute terror of being yourself…whatever that is.

We're Broken People in a Broken World but there's Beauty in the Breaking that Makes Us Whole

A friend asked for an example when I told him I’ve been learning a lot lately. In light of that conversation, here’s today’s original Ink in Pink adage-in-the-making:

I have learned that I can face my fears and not die; but I cannot ignore my Hope and live.

Today’s original Ink in Pink adage-in-the-making expands on the classic, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Enjoy!

When it comes to making decisions and giving advice, one of the most harmful (and frequent) errors of the heart is to confuse the instinct to protect with the desire for what is best.

Today’s adage-in-the-making is:

Covered in enough mud, a zebra might, perchance, look like a horse, but he will still smell like a zebra; and a filthy one, at that.

Here’s an original Ink in Pink adage-in-the-making to get your mind moving:

When you want to say, “I thought of you today,” send fresh cut flowers.
When you want to say, “I think of you,” send something with roots.