Recently, I was able to help a friend edit the content for his website. Serving small businesses in the greater Nashville area, Doug Bryson’s new company, Dialed In Marketing Solutions, focuses on three key areas: local marketing, mobile marketing, and reputation management.

Here’s a sample from the Who We Are page:

Tired of spending BIG money on traditional advertising with LITTLE return?
Desperate for something new and different to help you stand out among your competitors?
We’re here to help!

Dialed In Marketing Solutions provides the greater Nashville area with cutting edge opportunities to help small businesses gain the online exposure needed to get and STAY ahead of the competition.

By implementing services such as local search marketing, mobile marketing, and reputation management, we will help you increase your local internet search exposure, gain new clientele, and solidify an exceptional reputation in your industry.

Like you, we believe in the growth and prosperity of the local small business. After all, we are one too!

So, be sure to check out Dialed In Marketing Solutions for all of your marketing needs! And, as always, come to Ink in Pink for all of your content needs!