She stepped softly in the garden so as not to stir a twig
‘til the weeds awoke and tangled at her feet
Fragrant perfume filled the air, brought her shadows of a joy
from a nectar always bittersweet
Trapped amongst the flowers, writhing in the midday sun
tortured by the water out of reach
She cries for some ambition to release her leaden feet
and with muted cries to greater depths she sinks

It’s been so long she can’t remember from what she was hiding
yet it’s been so long she can’t help but go on
Whispers from a passing breeze send news of lamentation
as the mourning reeds echo in their song
A willow weeps and wails for her in pastures greener still
that if weeds persist she may not ever see
Its limbs of lithe stretch out for her to draw her to itself
to nurture her from sources buried deep

But she’s deceived by kelly hills rolling through the wild
bordered by a fence she’s yet to see
As her keenest sense is lulled to sleep by the rhythm of her beating wings,
there in her dreams she’ll finally reach the sea
There in her dreams it awaits her faithfully
Yes, there in her dreams she will be falsely free

If only she had walked aloud, if only she could yell out loud
but iris leave her only rumbling
And if only she had never sipped temptation’s quiet milk
her voice just might not stifle when she sings
When she sings
Still she sings
‘Til she sings herself to sleep