Recently, Google came out with a new social network called Google+. “Why do we need Google+ when we already have Facebook?” people might ask. “How is it different, and why should I care?”

Well, aside from the obvious fact that the new social network is by Google (and I happen to love all things Google…hellooooo Gmail!), Google+ offers at least one crucial thing Facebook doesn’t—categorization of “friends.” I have long said that Facebook needs an “acquaintance” category and now I have one in Google+. The problem is, after friending so many people on Facebook, I feel bad, almost as if I’m demoting them, to put them in an “acquaintance” circle on Google+. Maybe I’ll make a circle for “besties” and let the rest be “friends.”

This leads us to the real question at hand: in today’s social network-dominated environment, what constitutes a friend?
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